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Company History and Values

Thank you for visiting Vortex Fluid Systems online. On this website you can find out why our shakers are considered the premier shaker in the industry. Read below to find out why so many choose Vortex shakers.


When you buy Vortex you're buying quality.

VFSI is committed to building premium shale shakers and mud cleaners for the oil industry and industrial operations. Since Vortex Fluid Systems Inc. founding, our goals have been simple; Serve our customers by creating the best performing and most reliable shakers in the industry.


When you buy Vortex you're buying reliability.

VFSI has made a name for itself as having the most reliable shakers in the drilling industry. Our attention to detail has yielded a shaker with a bullet-proof design. This translates into minimal maintenance and operating costs for our customers.


When you buy Vortex you're buying performance.

The VFSI product line has been shown to excel in performance and screen life. With up to 7.5 g's, 30 ft2 of screening area, and progressive elliptical motion, the VFSI shaker is one of the best performing shakers in the industry.


When you buy Vortex you get responsiveness.

At VFSI we pride ourselves for having a customer oriented company. Our sales staff are willing to discuss any aspect of the product and willing to work with customers to ensure they get the machinery they need, when they need it.


We never forget we're working for you.

Other shaker companies force customers to purchase screens solely from themselves. This may be good for the shaker company but it does not necessarily place the customer first.

- First: This places the customer at the mercy of the shaker manufacturer for screen pricing.

- Second: There is no incentive to produce a shaker with exceptional screen life.

At Vortex, we make decisions according to what is best for our customers. We are commited to putting our customer's needs first.


The following list shows shows just some of the features of our Vortex Fluid Systems Shakers.
High Performance
30 ft2 of screen area
6 to 7.5 g's vibration
Elliptical Motion
Fully Seal Welded
Premium Coating
Ultra Low Maintenance
Ultra Low Noise
Overbuilt Vibrators
Exceptional Screen Life
Made in the USA