Vortex Fluid Systems, Inc. (VFSI) was incorporated in 1995 by Grant Young and in 1998 began to design and build high-performance equipment for the drilling and mining industry. Prior to this, Grant spent 16 years working for Amoco Research in the area of solids liquid separation and is the author of numerous technical papers. Grant is best known for his work in solid-liquid and oil-water separation using hydrocyclones. In 1994 Grant became an SPE Distinguished Lecturer.

Company Goals

Since Vortex Fluid Systems Inc. founding, our goals have been simple; Serve our customers by creating the best performing and most durable shaker, with the best screen life of any shaker in the industry. With a satisfied customer base, we have accomplished these goals and are excited about what the future holds for our customers.


VFSI is proud to produce premium, high performance equipment in the United States of Amercia. Since 1998 VFSI has experienced a steady growth in sales. Between 2010 and 2012 our sales projections showed a need to expand our production facilities. In 2013 we opened our state-of-the-art production facility which is capable of manufacturing 700 shakers a year. Due to careful financial management, VFSI accomplished this expansion debt free. Today VFSI has laid a strong and stable financial foundation for the future.

Leading Innovations

Vortex Fluid Systems machines produce progressive elliptical acceleration. This motion is generated by turning the vibrators outwards and locating them off the basket's center-of-gravity resulting in a screen motion that is greater at the feed end of the basket and produces excellent solids conveyance and throughput in the pool at the feed end. The discharge end motion is not quite as violent but conveyance is still excellent because of the elliptical motion. VFSI orbital motion machines provide exceptional conveyance, excellent throughput and are easy on screens.



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